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Spotify, best application for the users who love music.
A user can get this Spotify application on any device whether the device is running on Windows, Linux, or whether the mobile is Android or IOS.
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Though it has good demand among the users, just like the other applications, it also has some common problems. Many users face difficulties while solving these common problems.This article is for the same users who face difficulties, as this article shares the solution for these common problems.

Error code 17- This is one of the most common problems that occur in Spotify. Many users used to complain about this problem always looking for the solution of this problem. This error code occurs when everything looks OK and users try to launch the application, pop up with this error code appears on the screen.
There might be various reasons behind this problem, not a single problem. Solving this issue is not a difficult task, it just requires some simple steps to be followed. To solve this, open the Spotify installer and save it to the desktop. Right-click on the icon, select properties option from various options. Try to run the application in the compatibility mode. Under Compatibility mode, select Windows XP and click on the Apply and Run installer option.

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Difficulty in downloading the songs- One of the best features of the Spotify is that the users can download the song in offline mode. This feature gives the freedom to the users to listen to the songs at any time and anywhere. Sometimes this downloading process in Spotify application also shows the error message. The reason behind this problem is the limit, capacity, storage of the songs. When the limit of the downloaded songs in the application reaches the 3,333 number, it stops further downloading. To download new songs, delete previously downloaded songs.

Facing problems on Android- The main reason why the Spotify application is so popular is that it can be used on any device, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, etc. There are various users using the Spotify application on the Android phone. If a problem occurs on the Android phone, the first thing user should do, log out from the application. Wait for sometime, log in to the application again.
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If the problem still exists-

•    Clean the Cache of the application, reinstall it- Cache of the application might be the reason behind the problem. Clean the Cache of the application. A user can do this by going into the settings option of the device. Under the settings option, click on the Apps and select Spotify. Click on Clear Cache option. If the problem continues, reinstall the application.
Reinstalling the application solves the problem to the great extent.

Problem with the iPhones and iPads- iPhones are one of the most used mobile phones around the world. Because of its good features, shape, looks, it has good numbers of users and the number is continuously increasing at the good rate.
The users using the Spotify application is a very good numbers, some of them are facing problems while using Spotify. As in Android, iPhones do not have clean cache button separately, a user has to download the different Apps for the same. To solve the issue, a user should reinstall the application again, reinstalling the application will clear the Cache and will solve the problem.